3 Facts You Should Know About Hiring A Divorce Paralegal

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If you are not familiar with divorce paralegal services, you may be surprised to learn that paralegals can often provide all the help you need in order to successfully obtain a divorce. However, there are a few facts that you should know about these services before you begin the process of seeking out a paralegal to assist you with your divorce case. Taking the time to review these three facts below can help you to determine if the services of a divorce paralegal are a good fit for your specific situation and needs. 

Fact #1: Divorce Paralegal Services Are Typically More Affordable Than Hiring A Lawyer

Many people find that they require some assistance even when filing a basic, uncontested divorce petition. Unfortunately, hiring a divorce lawyer to assist with this task can be rather expensive. Divorce paralegals offer a more affordable alternative by providing individuals with the assistance they need at a fraction of the cost that comes along with hiring a divorce attorney to represent them.

Fact #2: A Divorce Paralegal Can Assist You In Completing All Court Documents

Even a minor mistake when completing court documents in order to file for divorce or to respond to a petition filed by your spouse could result in delays or even the need to refile your petition at a later date. Consequently, it is very important to ensure that all documents are completed properly and in their entirety. Oftentimes people simply assume that the only way to do this is to hire a divorce lawyer to represent them. However, this is not the case. A divorce paralegal can also help you to complete these important documents and provide you with the information you need to successfully file these documents with the court. 

Fact #3: A Divorce Paralegal Cannot Represent You In Court

Only a licensed attorney has the ability to represent you in court. Furthermore, the law only allows licensed attorneys to provide legal advice. Consequently, if you are expecting your divorce to require judicial intervention or if you require legal advice regarding how to proceed with your divorce, the services of a paralegal will not be a good fit for your specific situation. However, you may find that a paralegal is still the more affordable option when it comes to preparing your petition for divorce even if you are required to hire an attorney at a later date in order to handle any court appearances.

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