3 Questions You May Have If You Were a Passenger During a Car Accident

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If you were a passenger in a car when a car accident took place, you may have the right to sue if you suffered any injuries from the car crash. The problem with this is who you should sue, and there might be several other issues you will have to deal with. Here are some questions you might have after an accident like this occurs.

Whose Fault Was the Crash?

If you have injuries from the accident, you should first of all find out who was at fault for it. If the other car involved in the accident was at fault, you may be able to get that person's insurance company to pay for your injuries. When major injuries occur, though, the insurance policy's limits might not be high enough to cover all your injuries from the accident. In this situation, you may need to sue the other driver to receive a sufficient amount of compensation.

When the person you were riding with is the party at fault, things can become a little more complicated, especially if this person is a relative or friend. If the driver of the vehicle you were in caused the accident, that person's insurance company would probably be responsible for paying for your injuries, but what if the insurance policy's limits are not high enough? You will then be left with the decision of whether or not to sue the person that was driving, and this can be a tough decision to make.

In many cases, people are not even allowed to make personal-injury claims against their relatives because the relatives are insured by the same policy, but you may want to talk to a lawyer about this to see what your rights are.

Was the Driver Doing Something Wrong?

The other important thing you will have to consider about the person driving the car you were in is whether this person was doing something wrong that you knew about. For example, was he or she drinking prior to your getting in the car? If so, and if you knew about it, you might not be able to sue him or her. This is because if you get in the car with a person that is drunk, you are taking on risks that you know are present, and this waives your right to sue.

If the person you were riding with is at fault but was not doing anything wrong, you may be able to sue that person for your injuries. Keep in mind, though, that suing a friend can result in losing that friend, and this is what makes this decision very difficult for most people.

What Is the Best Way to Handle This Type of Situation?

Every car-accident case is unique, and you may want to talk to a personal-injury lawyer to find out exactly what your options are. In most situations, it may be best to try to settle the claim with the insurance company that is responsible for paying the claim. If this is possible, and if you can get enough money for your injuries, this would be the best option you have.

If this is not an option, filing a personal-injury lawsuit for your injuries might be a good route for you to take. To find this out, you should schedule an appointment with a personal-injury lawyer. During this appointment, you can discuss the events of the accident and present the evidence you have to support your case. The lawyer you meet with would then be able to give you the best legal advice for your particular situation. To learn more, contact a personal-injury lawyer today. Click here or call a firm in your area to get started.