Signs That A Dog Owner Should Have Known That There Animal Is Dangerous

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One of the best ways to strengthen a dog bite claim is to prove that the dog has a dangerous propensity and the owner knew about it but did not take precautions to prevent it from biting people. This is a good way of proving the owner's negligence, and anybody injured via another person's negligence needs to be compensated. Here are a few ways of proving that a dog has a dangerous propensity:

Warning Signs on the Owner's Property

If there is a sign on the dog owner's property warning visitors about a dangerous dog, then the owner clearly knows that their animal is dangerous. For example, a "Beware of Dog" or "Warning, Dangerous Dog" signs clearly show that the owner of the property knows their animal can bite. The owner of such a dog should go the extra mile in keeping people safe from their animal. Therefore, if the owner lets the dog run into the street and bites you, they are negligent.

The Dog's Breed

Some breeds of dogs are inherently dangerous. Examples include Pit Bull, Rottweiler, and German Shepherd. Anybody who keeps such a dog knows or is expected to know about their dog's dangerous tendencies and take the necessary precautions to prevent bites. Therefore, merely proving that you were bitten by a dangerous breed is enough to show that the owner should have been extra careful in preventing such accidents.

Purpose of Keeping the Dog

Dogs are kept for different purposes that may influence whether they are dangerous or not. People keep dogs for companionship, as pets, and as guards. Obviously, a guard dog has to be dangerous for it to do its duty of guarding the home; otherwise, it may even play around with intruders. Therefore, the mere fact that a dog is kept as a guard is adequate proof that the owner knows it has a dangerous propensity.

How the Dog Is Kept

Lastly, you should also examine how the dog is kept because it can give you a clue as to whether the owner should have known that the animal is dangerous. For example, a dog that is kept in a carefree manner and left to play with the neighbors and visitors is probably not dangerous. However, if a dog is usually kept in an enclosed space and rarely sees people, then its owner should know that it's dangerous.

If you have a dog injury claim and you don't have a personal injury lawyer yet, go out and get one now. Proving any of the above things won't be easy for the inexperienced.