2 Steps to Take to Increase Your Chance of Being Awarded Social Security Disability

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If you are injured or suffering from a disease that makes it difficult or impossible for you to work, you would benefit greatly from filing a Social Security Disability claim. If you are awarded your claim, you will have the money you need to take care of yourself while you are unable to work.

#1 Get Your Physician's Support

Before you move forward with your Social Security Disability claim, you need to make sure that you have the support of your physician before you move forward with the claim. Talk to your doctor and see if they believe and support your disability claim. You are going to need the support of your doctor when you move forward with the formal claim process, so make sure that they are on board first.

If your physician does not believe based on your medical history that you have a strong case for a Social Security Disability claim, you are going to want to get a second opinion from another doctor. You need a physician's support to move forward with your claim.

Your physician is going to need to complete a detailed statement that explains exactly why and how you are disabled and unable to work, so they need to support your claim. They are a vital part of the Social Security Disability process.

#2 Obtain Your Medical Records

Not only do you need your physician's support, you are also going to need copies of all of your medical records. That includes care you have received from any specialists, urgent care centers, and the hospital as well.

It can be helpful to come up with a list of everyone who has treated you since your disability developed. If you need assistance coming up with a list, check with your insurance company. They should be able to provide you with a list of doctors and facilities that you have visited. Some insurance companies also keep copies of all of your medical records, so check with your insurance company and see if they can help you out with that task as well.

When you get your medical records, be sure to go over them and make sure all the information is correct and that nothing is missing. Although your information should be complete, it is always a smart idea to double-check. You don't want your Social Security Disability to be dismissed because of inaccurate medical record information.

Getting your physician's support and obtaining your medical records are two vital steps you can take to ensure that your Social Security Disability claim does not get dismissed. To learn more, visit resources like http://www.johnehornattorney.com.