Things To Be Thankful For: Is Your Divorce Attorney One Of Them?

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When all is said and done, and you sit down to a Thanksgiving meal with your family sans the ex-spouse, what are you thankful for? Clearly, you might be thankful that you are no longer married. You might even be thankful that you have someone new in your life too, although it might be too fresh to tell. Here is another thing, or rather, person, for who you are thankful; your divorce attorney. Here is why.

Your Divorce Attorney Got You out of an Unpleasant and/or Unhappy Marriage

There are three main reasons why couples divorce; infidelity, disagreements about and mismanagement of money, and sexual or emotional dissatisfaction. Abusive relationships are also a common reason for divorce. However, if you had not employed a divorce attorney to get a divorce, you could be going in vicious circles for much longer, or your ex could be taking you to court constantly. Your divorce lawyer makes a clear-cut decree and files it with the courts so that you never have to go through all that. The divorce is done when it is done.

Your Divorce Attorney Pursued, and Obtained, Most Everything You Wanted

It rarely happens that one partner gets everything, but most divorcing couples have one partner that gets most of what he or she wants. This is especially true if you have a lawyer and your ex did not. This includes the kids, the house, a car, alimony, and child support. If you got most of that, your lawyer definitely deserves some thanks.

Your Divorce Attorney Provided You with Excellent Advice and Support

A divorce is a very trying time. Despite the fact that you may have been the one that wanted out of the marriage, you will run into a lot of conflict with your former partner. If you had a lawyer who provided you with excellent advice in regards to your ex's actions and reactions, and gave you lots of support along the way, that is a very good lawyer indeed.

Your Divorce Attorney Was Willing to Take Payments

Once you get past the initial retainer and your lawyer's billing has worked through that, you might have been hard-pressed to pay the lawyer. If your lawyer was kind enough to create a payment plan for you, that is something to be thankful for. Not many divorce lawyers are willing to do that. As long as you are consistent in making payments, your lawyer will be grateful for you, too.