How Circumstantial Evidence Can Prove Intent To Sell Illegal Drugs

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The police don't have to catch you in the act of selling drugs to charge you with the crime; they can use circumstantial evidence. Here are some of the ways in which circumstantial evidence can prove possession with intent to sell:

You Had Large a Quantity of Drugs

The more drugs you have the more likely you are to be charged with possession with intent to sell. This is especially true with drugs that are usually taken in small quintiles (mostly the extremely potent ones), such as crack cocaine. It would be difficult to convince the authorities that you had 1.5 kg of crack cocaine for personal use; you may have better luck if you only have a gram or two of the drug.

You Had a Scale for Weighing Drugs

Drug users usually don't use precise scales to measure the volume of drugs they want to sniff, ingest, inhale or take in any form. However, those who sell drugs have to weigh and measure them before dishing them out to customers. Therefore, if you are found with a drug scale, the assumption is that you were using it to weigh drugs for buyers.

You Had Packaged the Drugs in Small Doses

As explained above, drug dealers have to weigh their wares before selling them. The weighing is usually done in prior and the drugs are sold prepackaged. Therefore, expect drug possession with intent to sell charges if you are found with small doses of packaged drugs. You wouldn't go to all that trouble if you intended the drug for personal use.

You Had Lots of Small Notes

Street-level drug dealers typically sell their goods in cash. Not only that, but they also sell the drugs in small quantities (most drugs aren't exactly cheap) so that their buyers can buy whatever quantities they wish. This is why you are likely to find a typical drug dealer with lots of cash (mostly in small notes). The police also know this and will charge you with possession with intent to sell if they find you with drugs plus lots of small notes.

There Was a Procession of People To and From Your Place

Lastly, you are also likely to attract intent to sell drug charges if the police have observed several people coming to your place, staying for a minute or two, and then laving. That is how most drug transactions take place; moreover, the police rarely pounce on suspected peddlers without further observations.

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