Workers Comp & An Unfair Termination Threat

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The risk of getting injured comes with working, especially in certain industries. An effort to protect injured workers from not being able to make money as they are healing, there are usually workers compensation laws in place. Basically, workers compensation is a type of insurance coverage that business owners in certain industries and states are required to have in place. If you need workers compensation benefits but are too afraid to apply for them because of a threat from your employer, simply place your case in the hands of a lawyer. Read the content below to learn what might happen as a lawyer works on your behalf so you obtain the benefits you need.

A Discussion of the Threat

What kind of threat did your employer make in regards to you applying for workers compensation benefits? Were you told that you would lose your job? No matter what the threat consisted of, your employer committed a crime and can be sued. Wrongful termination is what you can base the lawsuit on if you move forward with applying for benefits and end up getting terminated. A lawyer will discuss the fullest extent of compensation that you can sue for if your employer actually terminates you.

Turning in an Application

If you decide to apply for workers compensation benefits regardless of the threat, there is no need to immediately inform your supervisor about it. Your next step is to simply turn in an application to get the approval process started. After the application has been turned in, your employer will have the ability to approve or deny it. You can actually leave it up to your lawyer to obtain and fill out the application. He or she can also turn the application back in, which will show your employer that you know your legal rights in regards to receiving the benefits and keeping your job.

Getting Prepared for a Lawsuit

While waiting for your workers compensation application to get approved, a lawyer can begin preparing for a lawsuit in case it becomes necessary to sue your employer. He or she will obtain a variety of pieces of information to backup your claim. For example, records that your injury is related to work will be obtained, as well as proof that you need money during the time you are healing. The amount of time that you need off from work will also be proven in the lawsuit, as it can come in handy if your employer claims that you made a false claim about the severity of the injury. 

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