Hire a Lawyer to Avoid These Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Claim Mistakes

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Every employee deserves compensation should they fail to perform their regular occupational duties because of physical or mental injuries. As such, some employers will offer long-term disability insurance as an employment benefit. 

Unfortunately, disability insurance firms try their best to retain profits and work to find existing mistakes that could affect your claims.  That's why employees are advised to be careful when filing for claims. Here are some mistakes most employees without a long-term disability attorney make when seeking compensation. 

Failure to Provide Enough Documentation

When submitting your LTD claim, ensure you include detailed medical reports of the ailment affecting your working ability. Sufficient medical evidence is crucial when filing your disability claim. The insurer has probable grounds to deny your request if you fail to satisfy the minimum level of information necessary to fulfill your claim. 

Hiring a quailed lawyer works to your advantage by helping you gather all necessary records and consistent supporting evidence of injuries because they have years of knowledge dealing with such claims. 

Improper Timing of the Claim

Long-term disability claims are liable to a set time limit that differ with each policy and insurance provider. As such, you are obligated to meet such deadlines if you wish to enjoy the full benefits of your claim. Missing a deadline gives the insurance firm a valid reason to deny your claim. 

However, meeting stipulated time frames and ensuring everything is filed correctly can be difficult without relevant experience. The best way to ensure you meet this deadline is by hiring a professional long-term disability attorney.  

Inability to Prove That a Medical Condition Meet Set Severity Levels

Long-term disability claims are subject to severity and intensity of symptoms to determine if you qualify for compensation. As such, your claim can be denied if your situation is not deemed severe enough. The problem with this is that severity of one's condition is subjective.

This is why lawyers recommend accurately documenting your claim when making your submission. Your attorney will ensure the evidence you provide shows how serious your condition is to ensure you get the ideal compensation. 

Various factors could keep you from getting the compensation you deserve from your long-term disability claim. So, it is best to hire a qualified attorney to guide you through each stage. Given their years of experience, you significantly improve your chances of following the proper procedures and avoiding mistakes that could affect your claim. Make sure you find a long-term disability attorney near you before filing your claim.