More Construction Zone Accidents Occur During The Summer

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During the summer, construction zones become more prevalent. This leads to more closed-off roads, inhibited traffic, and the road crew and obstacles can make it more difficult for drivers to navigate. This can be an even bigger problem when new student drivers are out of school and driving more during the summer. If your car collides with another car in a construction zone, you will need to find out who is responsible.

Accidents in a Construction Zone

To receive compensation for the injuries you have suffered in a construction zone, you will need help from a car accident lawyer to prove that the other party was at fault. Your car accident lawyer will find out how the accident happened and the extent of the damages done to you.

With construction zones, a common example of this is when a driver isn't paying attention and accidentally drives into the wrong lane. When some lanes are closed off, other lanes might be modified so that drivers will be driving in a different direction. For example, there may be a lane on which drivers would normally be expected to drive in a southern direction but they will instead be driving in a northern direction. 

Driver Confusion

Construction zones can be confusing and drivers are sometimes expected to change lanes quickly. In some cases, traffic is backed up with several lanes being forced to converge into one. If this occurs, an effort to change lanes might lead to an accident. However, if a driver tries to merge and causes an accident, they will be responsible for any injuries or damages that result.

How to Win Your Case

The other driver will likely try to accuse you of causing the accident. As a result, you will need to gather evidence to help prove your version of the events. The construction workers may be able to help if they were working at the time of the accident. There might also be surveillance footage available that can help bolster your case.

For a witness to be able to assist you, they should ideally not have a prior relationship with you. Otherwise, the defense may be able to argue that the witness is biased. The best type of witness to call upon is an expert witness who can reconstruct the accident to prove that the accident was the result of negligence and not an accident that couldn't have possibly been avoided.

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