Things Firms Should Do When Working With Attorney Recruiters

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Thanks to attorney recruiters, law firms no longer have to spend a lot of time searching and reviewing attorney candidates. These important tasks can be managed by an attorney recruiter, who will help you find skilled and experienced attorneys that are a good fit for your firm. Your firm just needs to take these steps when working with one of these recruiting specialists.

Give Them a Timeline for When Positions Need to be Filled

So that an attorney recruiter is able to do their job in a reasonable amount of time without feeling stressed, your law firm needs to indicate when you need new attorneys. Are you looking to have these open positions filled immediately or does this hiring need to take place several months from now?

Once an attorney recruiter has this information, they will know what deadlines to meet and how to subsequently structure their hiring processes moving forward. 

Be Honest About Your Attorney Needs

There might be things you really need out of new attorneys. It may be a certain approach to defending clients or a certain number of years practicing law. If you want an attorney recruiter to really help out, then you need to be honest with them about these needs.

They need to know exactly what you're looking for in attorneys so that they can focus on the right candidates. And if your needs change, be honest about these changes and inform the recruiter immediately. Then they can adjust their search criteria for better attorney matches.

Use Recruiters at the Right Time

There are going to be times when hiring an attorney recruiter is the best thing your law firm can do. You need to know when these situations come up so that you're able to maximize the time and money that go into working with these recruiters. 

For example, if you have a lot of attorneys to hire because your firm just opened for business, then hiring attorney recruiters is the best way to find talent quickly. Or maybe you need advice in assessing a candidate's qualifications. An attorney recruiter can help with these assessments so that you're able to make the right hiring decisions.

Law firms can work with attorney recruiters to find all sorts of attorneys to represent their legal practice. If your firm is currently working with these hiring specialists, make sure you give them the tools and time to find you the best attorney candidates available. To learn more, contact attorney recruiters near you.