Suffering Due To The Negligence Of A Doctor

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Have you been living with serious health problems because your physician misdiagnosed your condition and treated you for the wrong thing? For example, was the initial condition that you received medical attention for something as minor as a recurring headache but your doctor made a misdiagnosis? If you know that your doctor was negligent but he or she does not accept responsibility for what you are going through, an attorney who practices medical malpractice should be hired. The medical conditions that you are living with due to your doctor's negligence can lead to medical bills stacking up, especially if you must be treated on a long-term basis. An attorney will ensure that your doctor is proven to be liable for what you are going though and that you are compensated.

The Initial Symptoms & Getting Misdiagnosed

When speaking to an attorney, explain what your initial health concerns were when you made an appointment with your doctor. Based on the symptoms, an attorney will ask you several questions regarding what took place after you were examined. For example, the attorney might ask about the types of tests that were performed by your doctor to diagnose the problem. If your doctor did not run any tests and simply made a diagnosis, be sure to tell your attorney. Neglecting to run tests before diagnosing a health condition can be dangerous to a patient, as the treatment for certain health conditions often comes with serious side effects.

Experiencing Complications from Treatment

Let your attorney know how soon your health deteriorated after getting diagnosed and beginning treatment. For example, did the initial recurring migraines become worse along with additional problems, such as a fast heart rate and blurred vision? How soon did you let your doctor know about the side effects of the drugs or surgical procedure that you underwent? If you underwent surgery and feel as though it was not necessary, an attorney can help determine if your doctor was negligent. You will need to give your attorney documents showcasing the treatment that you have been receiving from your doctor as evidence for court.

Getting the Opinion of a Medical Expert as Evidence

A common way for an attorney to place liability on a doctor when he or she is suspected of medical malpractice is to get the opinion of an expert. For example, an expert witness is educated and skilled in the same field as your doctor. The expert witness can speak in court to explain to a judge how your doctor should have treated your initial condition, as well as the types of tests that should have been performed before making a diagnosis. Contact a medical malpractice attorney for more information.