Is It Possible To Strengthen Your Claim After A Car Accident?

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It's crucial to note that most states have taken up personal injury protection as a law. This is because it protects you as a motorist against injuries and damages that an uninsured and underinsured motorist causes. It also helps you in cases where you played a role in the accident. However, you still have the freedom to sue the other driver if their negligence led to your injuries. That said, you need evidence to strengthen your case. Here are some ways to make your claim stronger after an accident.

Visit the Doctor

Immediately after an accident, you should contact the police and emergency services. The paramedics will give you First Aid and take injured individuals to the ER. That said, most people brush off minor cuts and bruises after an accident or seek treatment much later. However, it is best to avoid rejecting the medical care offered at the accident scene. This is because it is part of the evidence-gathering process and will prove that you sustained injuries after the collision. Note that a lack of treatment evidence after an accident can reduce the value of your claim. More importantly, ensure you call a car accident lawyer if you are worried about following witnesses and getting contacts from the other parties involved. They will follow up on the legalities as you get treatment.

Take Care of What You Say

The things you say during and after a car crash could either strengthen or weaken your claim. First, apologizing to the other motorist and passengers can imply that you are to blame for the accident. Also, any statements that downplay your injuries and hint that they haven't inconvenienced you and/or don't support your claim. Instead, communicate ways that strengthen the validity of your claim. To do this, speak to your lawyer whenever you aren't sure you can speak without ruining your case.

Write Down a Statement

You might notice that as time passes after the accident, some details start getting hazy. Hence, you should avoid compromising your claim over forgotten details by writing down everything that happened. Also, sit with a lawyer as soon as possible and give them a recount of how events unfolded. This way, they will have a report to use as evidence.

Hire Expert Witnesses

One of the best ways to strengthen a claim is to have experts speak about the accident and possible injuries sustained. For example, your car accident lawyer may hire a collision reconstruction expert to explain the severity of your accident. More importantly, this will help convince a jury that your pain is legitimate and get you the settlement you deserve.

As you can see, the best way to handle a claim is with the help of a competent car accident lawyer. So, find one with experience in your case and maximize your chances of getting a substantial settlement. Reach out to a local car accident lawyer to learn more.